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Frequently Asked 


We know how overwhelming it can be to sort through all the details of your wedding. We're here to make it simple.
  • Are some flowers only available at certain times of the year?
    Yes. We are at the mercy of nature, and weather conditions have a significant impact on flower availability. For example, many garden roses are grown out in fields, and the size and abundance of flowers depends on how much rain they've had, how much heat they've endured through summer and whether there has been significant moonlight around to mature them. Summer and Autumn hail storms can affect availability of certain crops of locally grown roses month to month. We've compiled a list of our favourite varieties of flowers and their general availabilities season by season here.
  • How early should I start planning the flowers for my wedding?
    There are no rules about how early to plan your flowers, however many florists begin taking bookings well in advance of a couples' wedding day; for example, booking a January wedding in July of the previous year. We recommend beginning planning your wedding flowers at least 6 months out and paying your 30% deposit as soon as possible to secure your date, as we only take a limited number of weddings during the year. All items are flexible until a month out, when your full payment is due. Only additions are allowed after this point. If you have specific flowers in mind for your wedding, talk to us! We are more than happy to share our industry knowledge and recommendations around flower availability help you plan your date or capture the spirit of your vision as much as possible. Remember, keep an open mind and trust us - the experts!
  • Where are you located, and do you travel outside of Sydney?"
    Our team is located in Burwood, in Sydney's Inner West. We service Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains, north to the Central Coast and down to Wollongong and the Southern Highlands.
  • How much should I budget for my wedding flowers?
    There is a lot of variability when it comes to wedding flower prices. Most of our couples spend between $3000-$8000 on their wedding flowers. We suggest allocating 15-25% of your total wedding budget; if you would like flowers to be a significant part of the experience of your wedding day, we recommend allocating at least 30% of your budget to flowers. You can learn more about wedding budgets and what you can expect from them here.
  • Do I need a theme or vision for my day?
    No, you don't. We recommend you do a little research to see what kinds of designs and types of flowers speak to you both - everyone's taste is different and there are many, many options when it comes to wedding flower design. Even having just one or two images can point us in the right direction. You don't need to have thought about every detail. We've managed numerous weddings and love working with vendors old and new. We're happy to offer suggestions and options for styling at ceremonies and receptions.
  • Do you offer wedding packages?
    Yes! Enquire about our beautiful A La Carte Menu of select wedding flower arrangements with your wedding date today!
  • Do you offer hire items?
    We offer a variety of items for hire including vases and compotes, urns, plinths, cloud stands, an arbour as well as styling fabric and candle holders. If you are looking to hire an extensive list of items, we recommend partnering with esquareddesignco, ashdown and bee or lovestoned styling.
  • Is there a minimum spend?
    We have a minimum spend of $1000, though most of our couples spend between $3000 - $8000 oon wedding flowers.
  • Where can I see other work that you've done?
    For the latest updates including wedding tips and floristry insights, follow me on Instagram. For a select gallery, see Weddings and Events.
  • Will you deliver my wedding flowers on the day?
    Absolutely! We deliver all your flowers personally. We will co-ordinate times and locations for the day during the planning process.
  • Covid-19
    Covid 19 can throw a spanner in the works, but that doesn't mean you should throw out moving ahead with your wedding plans. As a Covid Safe, fully vaccinated business, we work to the utmost to ensure your peace of mind throughout the process. We realise needing to change plans is frustrating. That's why we plan solutions for your wedding florals that mean you still get to enjoy your day your way. See more on our Covid policy in our Event Terms and Conditions.
  • What happens to the flowers at the end of the event?
    Flowers there there to celebrate you and your guests - that's who they should go to! Most arrangements we make can be gifted directly to your guests (sans vessel). If a guest accidentally makes off with a vessel (it happens), you will have 14 days to find and return the item. See our terms and conditions for full details. We care greatly about our environmental footprint, so any remaining flowers are repurposed or composted.
  • Do you move items between venues?
    We can! Ask us about the best designs for making this happen. NB: Some items, such as elaborate arbours/some floral pillars are best treated site specific only. These items have been designed and constructed for maximum impact in that setting and on that structure. Flowers can be highly sensitive to weather conditions (eg. extreme heat in summer) and being moved, which can produce less than desireable results upon reuse. In these cases, they are best left to make their statement in their intended, glorious position. We are more than happy to recommend ways to incorporate such design features into the whole flow of your day so you get the most out of them. As an extra note, we prefer to channel the cost for added wait time and labour required to move some of our more elaborate pieces into other arrangements, so you get more for your money! That's right, we're on your team :)

How do I organise a consultation?

The first step is to submit an initial enquiry; we will confirm whether your date is available. 

Then we will send you an online questionnaire as the first phase of our consultation process. after which we will then schedule a meeting to discuss design recommendations with you. Ask as many questions  as you need along the way.


Learn more about our consultation process, or click here for our guide to wedding flower budgets.



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