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I'm Steph.

I have never known a day I didn't love flowers.


I was that child plucking flowers from the local church rose bushes and my mother's camellia tree, playing fairies under the bougainvillea bush in the backyard in Sydney's South West and was caught more than once on the edges of the bouquet toss at weddings, hoping to catch the flowers. That wonder and passion for flowers and an eye for abundant, decadent, truly beautiful floral design has never left me. 

I love reading nerdy books to my husband on long holiday drives, turning up the radio really loud in the car when he's not there, and if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be Korean. My daughter Magnolia wrinkles her nose when she laughs and began dribbling a soccer ball just after her 1st birthday.

I never flower a wedding by half. I'm so excited to make yours sublime.

love, Steph


We can't wait to make the magic happen.

Hours: 9 - 5pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.

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